PR (N) Tingoskattens Julie, "Jullan"

Black mackerel tabby and white
1*Ex 1

Date of Birth: 30/06/08
Parents: Tingeling av Björnsletta (N) & SC (N) Skaujenta's Heike
GSD IV 07/11/08 - heterozygote carrier for the GBE1 gene

I was just going to Brita to have a look at her new non-agouti amber kittens
since I was thinking of having a non agouti baby at home but wasn't sure.
Little Julie followed my footsteps everywhere in the house,
she ate my bun when Brita offered me a cup of coffee and a bun, she licked me lovingly
I went home without Jullan but after 2 weeks I called Brita
and asked if Jullan could come to Sweden and the rest is history!
"Jullan" has an energetic power and she is fond of all the cats and humans in our house.
Perhaps she will have one litter of kittens in the future if I found a male who is handsome and free from GSD IV

SC (N)Skaujenta's Heike, a 09 23S*Restless Lynx, a 09 23IC DK*La Foret's Fitou, e 22IC DK*La Foret's Imponerande Samson DM, n 09 23
DK*La Foret's Salome, d 23
GIC Restless Yawning Angel, n 09 23EC DK*Killix Enigma, a 23
CH (IND)Street Tigers Kiwawa, f 09 23
S*Special Blend BreezeEC S*Mighty Claw's Garion, n 22GIC Escamillo Felis Jubatus, a 09
CH S*Morrhoppan's Ozca DM, f 09 22
S*Special Blend Angie Stone, f 22IC S*Frostnattens Mimer, d 22
EC S*Aristo Limaz Kitty Izitt, f 24
Tingeling av Björnsletta(N), n 03 22CH Balder av Kosepus(N), n 09 22SW'06,EC (N)Tordenörn Alessandro, n 09 22WW'03, IP & EC
S*Lisjöskogen's Bishop DM, n 09
CH S*Aristo Limaz Zera, n 09 22
CH Decuma av Björnsletta(N), n 09 22Faruk av Björnsletta(N), n 09 22
Pan's Petunia(N), f
IC Santina Fracci av Hulder(N), n 09 22CH S*Tigressan's Elliot, ns 09 23IC S*Gomorran's King Kreole, ns 09 23
CH S*Gomorran's Jerica, n 09 23
IC Carla Fracci av Hulder(N), n 09 22EP 6 EC Truls av Bolke(N) DM, n 09 23
EC Mafalda av Hulder(N), n 09

(C) G Grönberg