Golden Hearts - Litter 12
Born the 11th of June 2009
S*Spin Engine's Heart'n'Soul, gt 09 24 S*Spin Engine's Khalessin, n 24
GSD IV: Heart'n'Soul is a free since both her parents are tested free/Non Carriers & Khalessin's test 27/07/09 resulted in free/Non Carrier verdict.
This will be Khalessin's one and only kittens since he was neutered the 6th of August

Name Gender Colour Birthweight Status
S*Spin Engine's Goldesse "Lola" Female f 24
Black tortie spotted tabby
107 av Solsikke, Switzerland
S*Spin Engine's Ghiblizzi "Lizzi" Female at 09 22
Light amber blotched tabby + white
94 Spin Engine's & S Haltunen, Sweden
S*Spin Engine's Gold Digger "Lukas" Male d 23
Red mackerel tabby
97 M Hartzelius/B Jansson, Sweden
S*Spin Engine's Golda M "Lina" Female nt 22
Amber blotched tabby
108 M Alqvist, Sweden
S*Spin Engine's Gold-X "Leo" Male nt 09 22
Amber blotched tabby + white
92 M Hartzelius/B Jansson, Sweden

Spin Engine's Khalessin, n 24
EC Ghibli vom Arlesbrunnen, at 24 Valentin vom Arlesbrunnen Khalif vom Arlesbrunnen, nt 24
CH Wencke vom Arlesbrunnen, n 09 22
Kalahari vom Arlesbrunnen, nt 24 Wildwood's Peter Pan, nts 24
Cachet vom Arlesbrunnen, a 22
Truelove's Hawaii, f 09 22 EC Aristo Limaz Floyd Luca, n 09 Bondgården's Ölskog, n 09 23
GIC Znorkan's Montana K.G, DM, n 09 23
Aristo Limaz Mitzie Maizer, f 09 22 Aristo Limaz Willie Wildcat, n 09 22
Emma, f 09 22
Spin Engine's Heart'n'Soul, gt 09 24
Migör's Bozz BraveHeart, nt 09 22 On Tin Tio's Soldier Blue, a CH Sannafjället's Celsius, as 24
GIC Tassajara's Sol, as 09
Migör's La Luna, n 09 23 Tailor Hill's Vergilius, at 09 23
Migör's Baccara Bus, n 09 24
GIC Intarsi vom Arlesbrunnen, ft 23 Aragon aus Broetzingen, nts CH Icecat's Grampus, ns
La-Luna vom Arlesbrunnen, at 23
EC Utopia vom Arlesbrunnen, g 23 Khalif vom Arlesbrunnen, nt 24
Cinderella av Trulla, g 22