ISAF - Litter 16
Born the 23th of May 2010
Spin Engine's Quintesse, f 09 22CH Silas aus Broetzingen, at 09 22

S*Spin Engine's Major Marv JMalen 09 22
Black blotched tabby with white
128U Pettersson, Sweden
S*Spin Engine's Archie AngelMalen 09 22
Black blotched tabby with white
S*Spin Engine's Beauty BlizzFemaleg 22
Blue tortie blotched tabby
128G Spångberg & M Alqvist, Sweden
S*Spin Engine's Goofy GossipMalea 02 21
Blue and white harlequin
130M Alqvist, Sweden

Reservation = Someone is seriously interested in the kitten.
The kitten can be available in the future weeks.
Booked = Someone has decided to buy the kitten.
He/she has paid an amount of money (booking fee) in advance. The fee isn't refundable
Adopted = The total costs for the kitten is paid.
The new owner has planned a fixed date when he will come and get the kitten.

CH Silas aus Broetzingen, at 09 22
Artur-Ombre vom Arlesbrunnen, aCH Higher Thor Adrian, ds 09 22Gujaclea's Acatenango, ds 09 22
Kari of Troll's Garden, gt 22
Mitidja vom Arlesbrunnen, nt 24Dirty-Asjason vom Arlesbrunnen, n 23
Kalahari vom Arlesbrunnen, nt 24
Nerthus aus Broetzingen, at 09 22Ch Pinoccio av Trulla*D, as 09 23EC B's Best Big Boy av Trulla*D, n 09
Miss Halloween av Trulla*D, ats 24
La-Luna vom Arlesbrunnen, at 23S*Wildwood's Peter Pan, nts 24
Calina vom Arlesbrunnen, n 09 22
Spin Engine's Quintesse f 09 22
GIC S*Truelove's Livingstone, d 01 21EC S*Aristo Limaz Jacque Vegas, d 09 22CH Jean Jacque Rousseau am Baerenbach*CH, n 09
IC S*Mighty Claw's Pocahontas, f 09 22
S*Jamaloss Delight with Truelove, fs 03S*Ansuz Silverrado, ds 09 23
S*Glimra's Capella, n 01 21
(N)Tingoskattens Julie, n 09 23SC Skaujenta's Heike, a 09 23S*Restless Lynx, a 09 23
S*Special Blend Breeze Evahflowin, a 22
Tingeling av Björnsletta(N), n 03 22CH Balder av Kosepus(N), n 09 22
IC Santina Fracci av Hulder(N), n 09 22