Vegas - Litter 22
Born the 7th of July 2011
IC S*Spin Engine's Sigrid Storråda, nts 22EC Aristo Limaz Jacque Vegas, d 09 22

Name Gender Colour Birthweight Status
S*Spin Engine's Jean Paul Belmondo Male n 09 22
Black blotched tabby and white
105 Ingela Larsson, Sweden
S*Spin Engine's Jacqueline K Female fs 09 22
Black silver tortie blotched tabby and white
100 S*Spin Engine's
S*Spin Engine's Jean Paul Sartre Male ns 22
Black silver blotched tabby
106 Katzen-Pyxis, Germany

Scroll down for pics of the kittens nearly 7 weeks of age

Reservation = Someone is seriously interested in the kitten.
The kitten can be available in the future weeks.
Booked = Someone has decided to buy the kitten.
He/she has paid an amount of money (booking fee) in advance. The fee isn't refundable
Adopted = The total costs for the kitten is paid.
The new owner has planned a fixed date when he will come and get the kitten.

Jean Paul Belmondo, 9 weeks
No good pics to show - will wait until next week.

Jaqueline K, 9 weeks

Jean Paul Sartre, 9 weeks

Jean Paul Sartre, 8 weeks

Jean Paul Belmondo, 6 weeks 4 days

Jaqueline K, 6 weeks 4 days

Jean Paul Sartre, 6 weeks 4 days

Jean Paul Belmondo, 5 weeks

Jaqueline K, 5 weeks

Jean Paul Sartre, 5 weeks

Jean Paul Belmondo, 3 weeks

Jaqueline K, 3 weeks

Jean Paul Sartre, 3 weeks