IC Silas aus Broetzingen*DE, "Sillen"
Light amber blotched tabby & white, at 09 22
GSD IV - Negative, since both his parents are Negative

4*CAGCIB, 2*Ex 1
Date of Birth: 31/08/2008
Breeder: Bärbel Schaefer
When we lost or great, great Ghibli I thought I never ever should have a boy like him again.
But I told Christa about my loss and she quickly responded that a friend of her has got one handsome male.
I didn't want to have a cat exactly like Ghibli and Silas is not!
But even though,
Silas is Silas and Ghibli was Ghibli,
I can look at Silas and find signs and resemblence of my beloved Ghibli.

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