IC S*Vildfagre's Electra
Black spotted and white, amber carrier

Born 08/06/2004
Parents: Solfjädern's Jolin & Tailor Hill's Vergilius
Breeder: Laila & Michelle Pousette
Owner: Andrea Eriksson Spångberg

GSD IV 10/10/08 - Negative, Homozygote Normal for the GBE1 gene

Mother to litter No 3 and No 7 and No 10

Our "queenie", who listens to the nickname "Ellis", since the very first day she put her paws in our home. She has a psychologist's calmness.
A real lady who knows her value in gold. “Ellis” likes to sleep in Andrea’s bed. She is always purring her way around making access to the whole family’s hearts.

Tailor Hill's Vergilius, ay 09 23Pocahonta's Easy Rider,ny 09 22Truelove's Raider, ns 09 22 [NFO ny 09 22]EC Tassajara's Apollyon, ns 22
EC Bluetail's Loranga DM, f 09
Porfyrgårdens Ztarlet, ny 22EP & EC Svarte Petters Bernard, n
Porfygårdens Medea, f 23
Tailors Hill's Juno, f 09 23PR & GIC Wildwood's Imer, ay 24CH Amazonas Camilo, n 22
CH Wildwood's Humla, a 24
Tailor Hill's Athena, d 09 23EC Christiania's Gustaf, d 23
IP & GIC Truelove's Amorina, f 09 23
Solfjädern's Jolin,ns 09 24EC Sir Maxwell*s Khapris, n 09 22Silverbells Blitzen, n 09CH Rosenbacken's Santana, ds 09 22
Tigressans's Xmariet,n 09 24
EC (N)Nakimo's Yasmine,n 09 22GIP & EC Nakimo's Figaro, n 24
Quinsy's Lindy, a 09 24
Black Forest Lovisa, fs 09 23EC Chacolis Naradas, n 09 23CH Tigressan's Limbo, n 09 22
GC Chacolis Shanda, f 09
CH Black Forest Fairy Queen, fs 09 24IC Frostnattens Quind, ds 23
PR Belkers Bette Midler, n 09 23

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