GIC S*Truelove's Livingstone, "Vanheden"
GSD IV 07/11/08 - Negative, Homozygote Normal for the GBE1 gene
2*NOM-A, 1*BIS stud, 7*Ex 1
Born 10/01/2008

Parents: S*Jamaloss Delight with Truelove & EC S*Aristo Limaz Jacque Vegas
Breeder: Maria Eriksson & Peter Sandell

We have for long envied Maria & Peter for having such a sympathetic, handsome and calm boy as "Jacken". He sits besides his owners at cat shows, watching when other cats got their judgements.
I wish that his son, "Vanheden" will grow up to such a charming male. We will sure take our part in his behaviour evolution!
Another "wish upon a star" has been a cat with blue eyes and even this can our "VanTretj" easily fulfill.
Thanks a lot Maria & Peter for let us have "Vanheden"!

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(C) Greta Grönberg

All rights reserved: M Eriksson & P Sandell